walking sticks,stickmaking,crooks,handcarved,dogs,birds,etc,


a site to plan where to use your sticks!


Living Heritage web site with all the dates/venues for craft/game fairs throughout the year


this is a site that guides you to all things in the craft world 


this is the site for all things stickmaking and more! I have used Martin since I came into stickmaking some 18 years ago, and continue to do so, and is always updating his materials as and when he aquires them...........


This is the Border Stickdressers association, an interesting site run by an intersting family,Wilf Laidler has his own site www.Wlaidler.co.uk  with a cracking overview of making a horn trout well worth a look.......


interesting site for all things telescopic!well worth a look..


being ex-R.A.F. and a member of RAFA I like to promote it! plus it is a pretty cool site!!


An excellent site for a good range of handmade walkers using a superb range of woods

All sourced by the stickmaker from his Ireland homeland.