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From his workshop in Lincolnshire, Bill Lowe has been designing and creating unique sticks since 2001.  Turning a hobby into a passion, Bill creates beautiful and practical works of art which are both personal and high quality.

Upon retiring, Bill spent many pleasant hours walking his labrador dog ( at this time Bill was living in Lancashire, his home county)  On one particular walk Bill came across a Craft Tent of Stick Makers.  His interest started there. Bill undertook an initial introductory course with Leo Gowan in October 1998 where he was taught the basics of stick making.  Bill then spent many hours in his shed teaching himself the art of carving.  This achievement stemmed from being inspired by other peoples’ work and developing his own unique style.  Bill didn't know he could carve until he sat down with his first block of wood and practiced. Moving to Lincolnshire in 2000 (Bill had served 22 years in the Royal Air Force a large part of that time was spent in Lincolnshire) he has built up an expertise and added his signature style.  Bill has seen his talents improve dramatically over the last 19 years, and is now highly regarded as a creator of quality sticks.

The time to create a stick from start to finish varies.  A basic antler thumb stick, comprising of a piece of red deer antler placed onto a stick of hazel takes an accomplished stickmaker like Bill just 3 to 4 hours.  More detailed, intricate carved head designs can take between 18 to 30  hours plus, of careful work depending on the complexity of the design.
For Bill, stick making  has proved to be an artistic outlet which combines craftsmanship and creativity to produce wonderful results.  Bill's sticks are bought by a wide range of people.  Those who require a stick for walking find them to be a practical and personal way to help them.  Those who collect sticks are content seeing them as a work of art.